Monday, August 13, 2007

Is it your fault this happened?

Dani Countryman, Age 15 raped and murdered by two illegal aliens July 28

Recently in Newark, New Jersey, 4 young adults were lined up against a schoolyard wall and shot execution style. Three of those innocent people died, while the fourth, a sister of one of the deceased survived.

A Peruvian national, Jose Carranza, who is in the country illegally was charged with three counts of murder. Carranza had also previously been charged with the rape of a 5 year old girl then threatening the child and her parents. On another occasion he was arrested on assault charges stemming from a bar fight. Immigrations officials were aware of Mr. Carranza's immigration status due to his previous arrests. Yet this man was allowed to roam our streets freely because our immigration laws are not enforced.

Why is it that NBC news makes no mention of the fact that Carranza is an illegal alien? NBC's coverage can be found here, and there is no mention of Carranza's immigration status.


FOX News is more complete in thorough in their coverage. There story can be found here,


CNN's coverage calls Carranza an undocumented immigrant from Peru in their coverage here,


This story garnered national coverage before the media learned of the nationality and the immigration status of the murderers.

Another story has been withheld from the media, although it is just as brutal and the perpetrators are once again illegal aliens.

In Milwaukee Oregon, on July 28, Dani Countryman, a 15 yr old girl was murdered by Alejandro Emeterio "Alex" Rivera Gamboa, age 24 and Gilberto Javier Arellano-Gamboa, age 23. Both men are also in this country illegally, having snuck in across the U.S./Mexico border.

Rivera held Dani Countryman down by putting his foot across her neck while his cousin Gilberto raped her. Rivera had been issued an Oregon ID card and avoided deportation, even though he had been arrested for drunk driving four times since 2000.

Why is this story nowhere to be found on any of the major networks? When are the American people going to realize that among those that come across our borders seeking work, are vicious criminals who care nothing for our laws? We cannot determine who is who until it is too late, and another innocent American dies at the hands of these illegal aliens.

We must secure our borders and stop the flow of these people into our country. We must allow our police departments to check the immigration status of those they arrest. When a criminal is arrested four times for DUI and is known to be an illegal alien, yet allowed to remain in the U.S. it says something very wrong about our governments willingness to enforce our laws and protect the lawful citizens of this country. If we truly need more workers to 'do the jobs Americans won't', fine, but let's make sure they come into our country legally with a thorough background check and that they leave after their visa expires. However, we must not allow illegal alien criminals free access to our cities.

I hold every U.S. Senator who supported the recently failed immigration reform legislation personally responsible for the deaths of these poor Americans. I hold George. W. Bush personally responsible for the deaths of these innocent people because he refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Most of all I hold the American people who sit back and remain silent on the issue of illegal immigration responsible for the deaths of these innocent victims to illegal alien criminals.

How many more innocent people must die before America wakes up and puts an end to this madness? You could be the next victim to a drunk driving illegal alien. Your daughter could be the next one raped or murdered by an illegal alien.

It is not too late to make your voice heard. If your elected representative refuses to listen, then make sure your voice is heard at the ballot box. Those who support illegal aliens and their continued presence in our country must learn that we are serious about this issue.

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