Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How many times, how many crimes????

The following story was shown on my local news channel this evening, so I went to their website and copied it for your enlightenment.

Trestle Fire Suspect May Have Retaliated With Arson
Man Has History Of Breaking Laws

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Investigators believe the Trestle fire was started with the use of an accelerant, but the fire burned too hot for any other forensic evidence.

Witnesses led the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to Jose Eduardo Moran-Marques, a national from El Salvador.

Originally arrested as a vagrant, federal authorities have charged Marques with lying to investigators about his whereabouts during the time of the fire.

Officers said Marques has a history with run-ins with park rangers and the law -- six times this year -- in connection with illegal camping, drugs and having his dog off its leash.

A witness told investigators that because Marques was angry about being constantly pushed out of this area, he set the fire in retaliation.

Marques went by several aliases, mostly Carlos Martinez Morales.

He spent a year in jail after pleading no contest to three separate drunk-driving arrests in 2005. In August 2001, he was deported from the country.

Marques' attorney did not return calls Tuesday.

The U.S. Attorney's office is keeping Marques in custody to keep him from disappearing as the investigation continues.

How many times are we going to see illegal aliens come into our country and either get deported, only to return, or have run ins with the law, and not be deported, only to later commit crimes?

This was an act of arson that cost the state of California a lot of money, but luckily there was no loss of life involved. That cannot be said for numerous other people who have lost their lives due to the criminal acts of illegal aliens who have no regard whatsoever for our laws.

We just cannot continue to allow these criminals to just stroll into our country. As their numbers grow, so the violence and crime will increase. Soon it could be you, or someone you love who is injured or killed by one of these criminals. What will you do then?

The time to act is now, before you become a victim. You must make sure your elected representative knows where you stand on this issue. You must ONLY vote for those who believe in enforcement ONLY, with no provisions for amnesty.

We are losing our country to these illegal invaders and you are sitting back watching television. I am sick of talking to people who don't care, or worse, do care but are TOO DAMN LAZY to do anything about it.

I work with a large number of Hispanics. Every single one of them knows how I feel on this issue, as I am not afraid to argue the point with anyone who so desires. I know that I am right and I have the statistics to back me up. They have their emotions and propaganda. I do not hate them, I only feel sorry for them because they cannot examine the facts from a logical viewpoint.

What I am trying to say is this, each of you must get involved if this problem is going to be fixed in a manner that will benefit the United Sates, and us as citizens. Your silence is unspoken consent for thousands of illegal aliens to cross our borders every month. Who knows if one of them might be the one who gets behind the wheel of a car while drunk and plows into you or your family some night?

The choice is yours, but don't blame me when it happens, I warned you!

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