Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Comments On McCain after the GOP Debate

The California GOP debate is over, and while it was primarily a war of words between Senator McCain and Governor Romney, it did provide the candidates more of an opportunity to express their views on the questions.

One of the more lengthy exchanges between Senator McCain and Governor Romney was concerning the War in Iraq. Earlier in the debate Senator McCain had stated that the Republicans had lost the 2006 election due to government spending, not the War in Iraq.

According to two USA Today on June 26, 2006, "A majority of Americans say Congress should pass a resolution that outlines a plan for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday. Half of those surveyed would like all U.S. forces out within 12 months."

Again, according to USA Today, on February 13th 2007 " Americans overwhelmingly support congressional action to cap the number of U.S. troops in Iraq and set a timetable to bring them home by the end of next year, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds — tougher action than the non-binding resolution the House of Representatives is to begin debating today."

It appears that although Senator McCain is steadfast in his belief that we should continue on in Iraq, no matter the cost he is out of touch with what many Americans want.

Congressman Paul then proceeded to state the facts that none of the candidates are willing to discuss, that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with September 11, and that prior to the War in Iraq there was no substantial Al Qaeda presence in Iraq. Governor Huckabee then stated that we should continue to stay in Iraq to finish the job so that our men and women serving in the armed forces would not have to go back to finish the job at a later date. Senator McCain was asked a question along those lines about the possibility of U.S. troops remaining in Iraq for the next 100 years.

Senator McCain is fervent in his belief that the greatest threat to the United States is from radical Islamic terrorists. Whether he is right or wrong is yet to be decided. If he is correct in his beliefs why in the hell do we continue to leave our borders open for anyone to cross, including terrorists who wish to do this country harm? Why do we tolerate Islamic fanatics who preach hatred against the U.S. to remain within our borders? If Senator McCain is right, then we are fighting a war of ideologies, not of whether or not a stable democracy in Iraq is going to make the U.S. safer from future terrorist attacks.

Senator McCain, as well as Governors Romney and Huckabee all are in favor of remaining in Iraq until we achieve success. It appears that success may be a long time in coming when the Malaki government seems to be incapable of taking control of their own country. While the statistics may show that the current surge of U.S. forces in Iraq is having a positive affect in the sectarian violence and the insurgent attacks, how long are the American people to be expected to fund this war waiting for the Iraqi government to get its act together?

Since this debate took place in California, prior to Super Tuesday, I would like to look at how this war affects the people of California. So far this war has cost the taxpayers $490 billion. For fiscal year 2007 the war cost the taxpayers of California $17.4 billion. For that much money California could have provided 7 million people with health care, or provided 31 million homes with renewable electricity, or hired 324,295 Public Safety Officers, or provided 2.6 million in scholarship funds for our children, or built 1,322 new elementary schools, or hired 262,958 new elementary school teachers, or...oh well, you get the picture.

That was for last year alone. Do the math if this war continues for who knows how long. This country cannot afford to continue to fund this war and remain solvent.

Senator McCain also made a very telling statement when he mentioned some of the people who have endorsed him. Former Secretaries of Defense, former members of the military command structure, and the military complex in general. Of course these people are going to endorse a candidate who was a former military member, a candidate who is prepared to keep the U.S. involved in a war that might never end. The military/industrial complex lives for wars. Do you think they will endorse a candidate that threatens their livelihood?

Finally I have one last comment regarding Senator McCain. I believe the Senator has a chip on his shoulder. As most know Senator McCain was a prisoner of war during the Viet Nam conflict. It is my honest opinion that Senator McCain feels betrayed by his country regarding the time he served in captivity. I believe that since we ended the conflict in Viet Nam without a clear cut victory his time in captivity was in vain. I believe that he will do everything in his power to make sure the U.S. never leaves a war unfinished, not matter the cost in lives or dollars.

As I said, this debate in the Reagan Library proved very telling for me. It made me that much more fearful of what lies in store for our country if Senator McCain does ever make it to the office of the president.


Green Visions said...

Excellent artiticle! Once again we have a debate where no questions were asked about the loss of our manufacturing jobs to China, one of the most important problems facing our nations and one which will quickly.
As far as McCain and protecting our borders, he has changed his pro-amnesty position to conform with public opinion. I do not believe he can be trusted. I agree with you that Ron Paul would be the best candidate as he is the only one who admits the obvious that the Iraq war was a tragic mistake.
Thanks for your blog, it is great!

green visions said...

add to end of my last post after "quickly"
"cause America to be surpassed by China in GDP and then in military power."

tshsmom said...

Great post!
That's my greatest complaint about the "war" in Iraq...we can't afford it!
We need politicians who can balance our budget by separating the "wants" from the "needs". You and I have to balance OUR budgets this way. Is it too much to expect from our elected officials?

neal said...

Wow, I am starting to get some traffic on my blog. For awhile I thought that blogspot had locked my blog away in a closet somewhere for no one to see.

The purpose of my blog is twofold. First it allows me to rant, to vent my frustration with the way I see things in this country.

Secondly I hope to get people to think on their own, not to rely upon the networks for their ideas. Not everyone has to agree with me, I don't expect them to, but I do hope that what I write will be examined for its value based upon facts, not by emotions due to party loyalties or any other bias that would blind folks to the fact that things aren't always what they have been led to believe.

Thanks for commenting...

tshsmom said...

Sorry Neal; I've been lurking here for quite some time. You've researched so well that I don't always feel qualified to comment. ;)