Friday, January 11, 2008

An End To California Budget Woes

In the news today there was a story about the budget crisis that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of CA is now facing. According to reports the Governor faces a $14.5 billion shortfall in funds.

I find this interesting because California used to have a vibrant economy. The computer and software industry was thriving, providing jobs which in turn provided a huge influx of taxes into the state coffers.

Now many of those jobs are gone, outsourced to countries such as India whose workers get paid a fraction of what American workers used to. On top of that, they do not pay any state taxes at all, adding to the states budget woes.

The news is reporting that Governor Schwarzenegger is declaring a state fiscal emergency and is proposing cutting spending in our public schools, releasing 22,000 inmates back onto our streets, closing one in five state parks, and eliminating dental coverage and other benefits for the poor.

The governor may have been a body builder and an actor who played macho heroes in his movie roles, but the governor obviously is lacking one thing as a politician....GUTS!
According to the United States General Accounting Office, it costs approximately $6000 per student per year in our public schools.

In the year 2000 there were approximately 2.2 million illegal aliens in the state of California. If only 45% of them had one child who attended public school that would come to $59.6 billion per year spent to educate the children of illegal aliens.

So, to make things easy, all the governor has to do is stop providing a free education to the children of illegal aliens. That $14.5 billion shortfall would turn into a $45 billion surplus. More than enough to improve our schools for the kids who should be there in the first place, more than enough to improve our levees, our highways, and still have funds left over to fund whatever disasters may befall the state.

But like I said, the governor is lacking in the courage to do what is right, to enforce the laws of this nation in regards to immigration. So it looks like I will be going to a few less parks and watching my back for those extra 22,000 inmates who will be walking the streets shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Americans have to wake up to the fact that illegals are causing us billions of dollars. Since they have few skills to earn good wages, they drain our economy rather than contribute to it. They pay very little in taxes and often no taxes. We need immigrants who are well-educated and can make a real contribution, but many such people are waiting legally in line while we allow people to cut in front of the line who have little to offer America.