Monday, July 09, 2007

Wimbledon Mens Final 2007

I don't normally comment on anything other than politics, but I would like to make one exception. I have been called all types of names because I don't watch sports. I could care less about the NFL, the NBA and major league baseball. I do however have a weakness for Grand Slam Tennis. I cannot resist watching the best tennis players in the world compete for the French, Australian, U.S. and Wimbledon titles.

I would like to take a moment to comment on last Sunday's men's final at Wimbledon. It pitted Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal. Federer is ranked number one in the world and Nadal is number 2. It was a rematch of last years Wimbledon final and was expected to be a good match, as Nadal had improved immensely over the course of the past year.

The match turned out to be all that it was expected to be, going to five sets with Federer winning the first, third and the fifth. At one point in the match Federer looked absolutely flabbergasted. His focus was gone and he couldn't believe that Nadal was making some of the shots that he was. He appeared to be on the edge of losing his first Wimbledon final in 5 years.

However a knee problem with Nadal gave Federer a time out to sit back and regroup. Whatever mental problems he had were gone and he showed himself to be a true champion. Although losing the fourth set, he readily won the fifth, breaking Nadal's serve twice.

I have no favorites in tennis, I watch it because I admire the skill and dedication it takes to reach that level of play. I play tennis and was never that good, but I know how much work it must take to reach the level these players do. This match will go down into the history books and one of the best, along with the Laver/Smith, Borg/McEnroe, and Sampras/Agasi rivalries. If you missed it, oh well, there is always next year...

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