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Rock 'Em Part 6

(Sixth of a series on why we should emulate the Sons of Liberty in responding to the Amnesty Conspiracy.)

Jed Eckert: So this is the battlefield?
Col. Andy Tanner: It's a real war, kid. It's here every day.
-- "Red Dawn," 1984

"Invasion: The act of invading; the act of encroaching upon the rights or possessions of another; encroachment; trespass; A warlike or hostile entrance into the possessions or domains of another; the incursion of an army for conquest or plunder; The incoming or first attack of anything hurtful or pernicious; as, the invasion of a disease." -- Webster's Dictionary

"Quis·ling, n. A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country. [After Vidkun Quisling (1887–1945), head of Norway's government during the Nazi occupation (1940–1945).]" --

"There are Quislings in every country . . ." -- The Times of London, "Quislings Everywhere, " 15 April 1940

Headlines from a War . . .

The Mexican Invasion continues. You know, I used to resist using military terms to describe the influx of illegal aliens into our country. I changed my mind after I worked the New Mexico border with the Minutemen. It's a war zone all right, no doubt about it. When you've seen the fear that folks on the border live with every single day, it makes your blood boil. Many of them go about their lives looking at the ground, never glancing side to side, lest they see something on their own property that might lead to their fences being cut, their irrigation pipes broken, their stock killed, their barns burned, and their families threatened. And you're struck with the fact: this is America, and these are Americans living in fear. And they can't trust anybody. Not their neighbors, not the local mailman, not the police, sheriff or Border Patrolman. The drug and human smuggling cartels have ears bigger than the East German Stazi in its prime. And, it would now appear, our border citizens can't trust the National Guard either.

"AUSTIN -- The Texas National Guard says three Guardsmen have been arrested on suspicion of illegal immigrant smuggling. A National Guard statement released Monday says the arrests happened Friday in the U.S. Border Patrol's Laredo sector after a Border Patrol investigation. No identities were released. According to the statement, the soldiers were participating in Operation Jump Start. That's a joint effort by federal and local law enforcement and National Guard elements to discourage illegal immigration." -- "3 Guardsmen arrested on suspicion of immigrant smuggling," Associated Press, Monday, 11 June 2007

The corruption attendant to open borders pollutes everything, and not just on the border, as we see in the Amnesty Conspiracy's bill in the Senate. So the war goes on, the invasion continues apace. Here are some headlines brought to you by the Amnesty Conspiracy and the open borders crowd:

** "Illegals light border fires to sidetrack U.S. agents, " -- Jerry Seper, Washington Times, 19 June 2007

** "Authorities: Milwaukee Police Officer Admits Being Illegal Immigrant, " -- Fox News, 18 June 2007

** "What does a health crisis look like? See Houston," -- Richard Wolf, USA TODAY, 18 June 2007

** "Over 100 Poultry Workers in South Carolina Test Positive for TB," Associated Press, 21 June 2007

** "Hispanic Brothels move in on Nashville," Sheila Burke, Nashville Tennessean, 16 June 2007

** "Top LA businessman nabbed for murder, corruption, harboring illegal aliens," Jim Kouri, Renew America, 16 June 2007

** "New fear in Mexico: Army soldiers fleeing for cartels. Failure to track the thousands of deserters may lead to a pool of hit men, critics say," -- Marion Lloyd, Houston Chronicle, 18 June 2007

** "Marijuana seized after agents catch smugglers using ramps to drive over border fence," Debbi Farr Baker, San Diego Union Tribune, 21 June 2007

And then there's the New Illegal Alien Poster Boy of the Month, Eligio Chia-Duran. He deserves more than a mere headline:

"This is a Violation of the Geneva, er, I mean, the Vienna Convention!"

Illegal immigrant fails to sway judge in sex case
Child molestation suspect says diplomatic law violated during arrest

By Kathy Jefcoats
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 06/14/07

A judge refused Wednesday to drop child molestation charges against an illegal Mexican immigrant who argued that Clayton County police violated diplomatic law during the arrest. Eligio Chia-Duran, 30, alleged a violation of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, an international treaty adopted by the United States, because arresting officers failed to tell Chia-Duran he had the right to contact the Mexican embassy in Atlanta.

Chia-Duran is charged with aggravated battery and aggravated child molestation involving the then-8-month-old daughter of his girlfriend. The mother, Fabiola Delgado Mata, 20, also is charged. The baby, who is paralyzed from the waist down because of injuries allegedly inflicted by Chia-Duran, is in state custody. Defense lawyer Stephen Mackie said after the hearing, "A diplomat from his own country could have explained his rights to him in Spanish, emphasizing his right to remain silent and not make a statement, which is a right not all countries have."

I could go on and on. In the past week, I'm certain there were hundreds of such stories in newspapers all over the country: illegals in drug gangs killing Americans, freelance illegal criminals killing Americans, illegals in drunk driving incidents killing Americans. Illegals, illegals, illegals. Down in Hoover, Alabama, I have a buddy who refers to the day laborers who hang out around his favorite gas station as "the Mexican Army." He's not far wrong. Unlike MS-13, they may not carry guns, but they are advance scouts of an invasion nonetheless -- an invasion that is remorseless, continuing and never-ending. With or without the Amnesty Bill, the invasion will continue until the borders and our employment laws are enforced.

Lower than Quisling

And we have Quislings to thank for that -- good old American traitors in the mold of Vidkun Quisling or Benedict Arnold, who sell out their principles and their constitutional oaths for thirty pieces of Chamber of Commerce silver. Actually, most of these modern-day traitors rank BELOW Quisling. To call them "quislings" is actually an insult to old Vidkun himself and honest quislings everywhere. Quisling, you see, had principles. They were sick, twisted, fascist principles to be sure, but they were principles. But Trent Lott and the rest of the Republican Amnesty Conspirators? They're in it for the money. And the White House even tells us so.

"Bluey" the blogger at had done us the favor of linking the latest White House drivel on the Amnesty Bill. You will find it at:

Here's Bluey's comment:

"White House Confirms Big Business Is Behind Amnesty Bill (And the National Council Of La Raza, Too)

The Bush administration's latest piece of immigration propaganda (not even posted on highlights the efforts of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Restaurant Association, Business Roundtable, National Association of Manufacturers, National Federation Of Independent Business, National Restaurant Association, American Farm Bureau Federation, Associated Builders and Contractors, National Milk Producers Federation, National Pork Producers Council, American Subcontractors Association, American Health Care Association, Poultry Federation, Georgia Farm Bureau, Tyson Foods, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and many others.

But perhaps what's most shocking is the White House's inclusion of a quote from National Council Of La Raza chief executive Janet MurguĂ­a. This is a group with a radical agenda that has ties to the "Reconquista" movement to reclaim the Western portion of the United States. This article by the late Rep. Charlie Norwood blew the lid off many of La Raza's activities. Why is the White House legitimizing this organization?"

Why indeed. The reason, of course, is all those cheap-labor addicted employers listed in the first paragraph. Like heroin addicts, they can never get enough, and they make campaign contributions to make sure their supply is uninterrupted. And like heroin addicts, all the letters, email, talk radio and rational argument means spit in the wind to them.

So what shall we do with all these American Quislings, in and out of government? Hey, I've got an old idea -- a Sons of Liberty idea. For just one example, the US Chamber of Commerce is affiliated with local chambers all over the United States. And I'll bet that, like the local offices of the Republican and Democrat parties, they've got windows. So do the local members, county and state councils of all those other business organizations listed by the White House. They've all got windows. Some of 'em are nice big expensive windows. Want to send a message? Got a brick?

And the war goes on . . .

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