Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Thoughts on the CNN/You Tube Democratic Debate

With all the hype and buildup preceeding the revolutionary CNN /You Tube debate, I was guardedly hoping that we would finally get a serious debate, with serious questions from a concerned citizenry regarding the issues that confront this nation.

Upon the conclusion of the debate I was sorely disappointed. Instead of serious questions, we had people wanting to know if the candidate's feelings would be hurt if Al Gore chose to run. We had animated snowmen asking about global warming, a serious question to which we were not given a serious answer. We even had a second grade feel good exercise in which the candidates were asked to say one thing they like and one thing they disliked about the candidate to their left.

Some debate! What is worse is that CNN would waste our time with those silly entries instead of focusing on issues that are more serious. For example, not one question was asked of the candidates why they refuse to impeach George Bush for any number of his abuses of presidential power or lies about the War in Iraq. Not one question was asked as to why we are not enforcing existing immigration law. No one asked about the loss of personal liberties due to legislation such as the Patriot Act. Either CNN wanted to turn this debate into a circus, which they did a very good job of, or the people submitting the questions are absolute morons. I think the truth might be a little bit of both.

I am holding out on giving my final verdict on the debates until after I see the Republican debate on September 17. I uploaded my own question to You Tube for the Republicans. I want to see if CNN has the courage to select it. It is simple and to the point, and I am hoping they give it to someone other than Ron Paul. I asked 'If elected president would the candidates promise to uphold our nations laws, such as complete enforcement of all existing immigration laws, also would the candidates swear to govern according to the Constitutional guidelines laid out for the office of President?'

I am not holding my breath that CNN will select my question. It is too pointed and too serious a question, but I can always keep my fingers crossed. I have pretty much concluded that the process of choosing our elected officials no longer has anything to do with picking the one who will uphold the Constitution and do what is best for our country. It has become more about who can raise the most money while obfuscating or avoiding the issues.

There is a growing number of Americans who feel that, no matter who gets elected, our government no longer represents the people. That explains the huge grassroots support for Ron Paul, even though the mainstream media and the Republican Party has treated him as some side show abnormality. The truth of the matter is that Ron Paul is the only candidate from either party who has a proven track record of following the Constitution.

Ron Paul could be the last true hope this country has of turning the tide on continued government encroachments upon our rights and liberties. If this continue cycle of abuses and usurpations continue I am of the feeling that we will eventually revert to a society ruled by a tyrannical government, or that we will come to a tipping point in which Americans will not stand for any more violations of their liberties, and we will suffer another revolution. I am fearful that it will be the former.

When you look at the percentage of eligible voters who don’t register, or just are too complacent to go vote you get the feeling that nobody cares anymore. When you look at the idiotic questions submitted for the democratic candidates you get the feeling that nobody is intelligent enough to make an informed opinion about what is best for our country. Finally, the American public have become too accustomed to a form of government that takes care of their every need and desire.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” This upcoming election just may well be the last chance we have to preserve our Constitutional Republic before our government succeeds in taking everything from us, including our personal freedoms and liberty.

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