Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just A Few Thougths

I would hope that everyone has heard the old saying, 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.' Allow me, just for a moment, to expand upon that. What is one to do if the horse refuses to drink? Is he to stand there patiently while the horse dies of dehydration, is he to continually prod the horse in the hopes that it will drink, or is he to give up all hope for that horse and go on about his life, realizing that the horse was going to die?

That is how I often feel when I discuss issues of importance with people. I feel as though I am leading them in the direction they need to be led, so that they can begin to see the troubles that face this nation, and the reasons behind those problems, however, once presented with the facts they just stand there and stare at me, as if to say, 'Are you nuts?'

I understand that people have been lied to by so many people, their educators, the media, and their elected representatives, that it is hard to accept the truth when you finally confront it. Nevertheless, the truth is, just that, the truth. Anyone with an open mind should be willing to at least take a look at the information presented them, and do some research on their own to find out if there is any validity to what they have been told.

More often than not, people revert to name calling instead of taking the time to do some serious searching for the truth. In other words, if they don't hear it on the news, it must not be true.

Yet these same people are willing to admit that there are problems in this country, and they flock to someone like Barack Obama who promises them 'Change We Can Believe In.' However, this article is not about Barack Obama, it is about the people of this country, and their willingness, or lack thereof, to examine facts.

In many ways, the people of this country are like crack addicts. Just as a crack addict may realize that they have squandered their savings, lost their job, ruined their health, they refuse to admit to the real cause, their addiction to crack.

The people of this country realize that we have problems with our economy, crime, and a host of other issues, but they are unwilling to admit the true problem, that there is a concerted force at work to bring about the downfall of this nation.

Until people accept that, they can elect all the Barack Obama's they want, and nothing is going to change. To prove I am not just picking on Senator Obama, the media is now focusing its attention on John McCain's selection for Vice President. She is being vetted by the media, and the American people. Some like what they see, some don't, but that is not the point. The point is that she, while on her own, may be a fine choice for elected official, is only a side show, a distraction. John McCain is the candidate for President, not Sarah Palin, and John McCain is just as bad a choice for President as Barack Obama.

I find it interesting, that as our nation deteriorates, their is a distinct parallel between our inability to discern the truth, and our nations slump into immorality and indecency.

What was totally unacceptable, and unheard of, when I was growing up is now common place. The lyrics of songs, the language used on television, the content of television and movie shows, the open push for acceptance of homosexuals and abortion, these are all things that were taboo when I was young. These are also things that any preacher worth his salt would be openly condemning, no matter the cost to their personal reputation.

Our nation is on the road to ruin, of that there is no doubt in my mind. As I write my commentaries, I am only presenting people with the facts that they need to understand some of the problems we face, and some of the reasons for those problems. If they refuse to heed my words, then I cannot sit here and patiently wait until the light goes on in their head. By then it may be too late.

Just as when a weather forecaster warns of an approaching storm, and people wait until it is too late to evacuate, or at least stock up on essential items, I cannot wait forever for the people of this country to accept that what people like me are saying as truth.

Thomas Jefferson once said, "
We, I hope, shall adhere to our republican government and keep it to its original principles by narrowly watching it." The American people have not done that and it is way past time when watching our government is going to do any good. To be blunt, our nations capital needs a good enema to purge the crap that has been putrefying their for a very long time. Unless that happens, this nation is going down the tubes, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

So America, you have a chance, albeit a slim one, of waking up and saving it. However you must open your minds to the possibility that you have been lied to and deceived for all these years. Only then, when you are willing to examine BOTH sides of the story with equal enthusiasm, can things change.


ExposingSecrets said...

Excellent article!!

tchoden said...

awesome article as always!!

Bhakti said...

Hi Neal...I just wanted to say that I don't think there are many Barack Obama's out there.

As you know, I practice intense spiritual practices, and, therefore, have a very well nurtured intuition.

Three years ago, I was watching CSPAN and Sen. Obama stood up and gave a speech. My ears pricked up--I said to myself, "Who is this man, and why have I never heard of him before?!"

I bought the first run/first edition of one of his books because I KNEW he was special. And now, he is president-elect.

Now, I know being president-elect in and of itself does not make you special. However, when I heard Obama speak, I sensed some kind of Truth that I wasn't sensing from any other politicians--from either side of the aisle.

I also want to say that your point, as I took it, wasn't lost on me. I have had the SAME exact experience as you where I would tell people--starting on my birthday, March 19, 2003 that our President and his admininstration were lying to us. Etc. NO ONE would listen to me. Turns out, about three years after that, the truth behind the lies became known. NO ONE LISTENED AGAIN.

You are right--trying to talk sense into some people IS a like beating a dead horse. Perhaps it's like our innate spirituality, if you will. Some of us are "connected" (aware, mindful of) the great Truth of our innate power; and others are not. Perhaps trying to talk sense into people IS like trying to beat a dead horse. In other words, maybe we could try and try and try but these people will NEVER see things our way because...well, they simply CAN'T see it our way. Like somehow these great insights and intuitive feelings that we have about our country and our leaders are not available for these people to understand. (I am in NO WAY proposing that "my way of thinking is better than anyone else's", it's just different. It's like we're on a path...and we're not all walking at the exact same part of the path. Some people are ahead, some people are walking beside, and some people are behind.

Does that make sense to you?

PLEASE don't give up hope. Please don't. This country AND this world needs people like you and I, and most of my friends, who try to find the bonds that connect us, rather than exploiting the areas that divide.

And you are also correct in saying that if people think voting for Obama is going to change their lives, well, quite frankly, these people need to realize, as you say, that there is much work to be done. Not just by him and his cabinet; but by everyone in the country.

I am 100% disabled. Like you, this election infuriated me. I could not get over the bull-crap that people in our country were willing to believe from these political pundits! The political pundits, for the most part, are idiots--probably just laughing all of the way to the bank. (Can Hannity REALLY be that...insane????) I was so infuriated by this election that I felt I HAD to do SOMETHING. What I did may seem like a small thing to some, but given my limitations, I did what I could do: I put out Obama signs on my lawn (the first of which got stolen--I live in a totally Republican, close minded republican, area). When the first sign was stolen, I hung up two in my windows. I cold called people and asked them to vote for the candidate that would help disabled people by helping fund stem-cell research again (giving that Pres. Bush lied about why he took the funding away).

So, Neal, I feel your pain, and I have experienced your dissappointment and disbelief at what people in our country are willing to believe, and willing to put up with.

You are not alone.

BTW--I found your website when I was reading an old blog post of mine. You left a comment saying that you wished you knew how to meditate: please get in touch with me and I will teach you simple breathing exercises to help calm you down with regard to the issues you wrote about in your post.

Thank you for your great-spirited posts. :)

PS Before anyone leaves a comment regarding my speaking of "close-minded" republicans, PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT SAYING THAT ALL REPUBLICANS ARE CLOSE-MINDED! The major of my hometown is a Republican and I vote for him every term because he is a great man with great morals and wonderful bi-partisan ideas.

Bhakti said...

oops...I meant to write the "mayor" of my hometown.

***blushing*** :P

Thomas J Kaminski said...

Well Obama is in, welcome America to what will be the greatest Socialist country ever in history...

In the future, us, our children, our childrens children will be told what, where, how for everything. This new government model will take whatever socialist programs we have already and triple them and add new ones too boot. With that will come higher taxes, higher inflation, a steady decline in a persons ability to think and do for themselves...

T. Jefferson, B. Franklin, J. Adams, G. Washington, T. Paine, P. Henry and the rest are just rolling & rolling in their graves, asking themselves over & over again - WHY did we fight and die for liberty, freedom just to have it all given away by our future American citizens who worship security more then freedom.......

Anonymous said...

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