Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things As I See Them

In response to, what I like to call my 'Sour Grapes Series' of articles, I have been told by one particular individual that I am too negative, and at the same time, too long winded. There may be some justification for me being called long winded, as I do tend to ramble on a bit once I get started on a subject. But to call me negative, now that is up for debate.

When I write I call a spade a spade. That is something my father taught me a long time ago. Although it has caused me some grief over the years, as I was told by others that I should have used a bit more tact. I may come across as being negative, but the way I feel is more desperate. I have tried presenting people with evidence; quotations and statistics, yet I am, for the most part, ignored or called some sort of a conspiracy nut.

I am just an average guy who, a few years back, awoke to the treasonous behavior of his elected representatives, I have since then been trying to inform others of their behavior. I have no special gifts other than the willingness to examine the facts with an open mind. I spend much of my free time trying to learn more concerning the damage that is being inflicted upon our nation by special interests and their bought and paid for lackeys in office.

If me, being a C average high school graduate, can see through the lies and deceptions, and learn the truth of what is really happening in this country, why can't those with an education equal to, or higher than mine? I have no sympathy for anyone who is so closed minded that they won't face the truth when it is presented to them. So, it may be true that I am a bit negative in some of my writings, but those who are on the receiving end of my articles deserve what they get, for they are blinded to the truth by their ignorance and their apathy.

These same people, the ones upon whom I speak about, are the same ones who idolize Barack Obama as if he is the next best thing since sliced bread. Sure he is a fine orator, has charisma, and is the apparent darling of the media. He speaks to them of change that they can believe in, and they swoon over him like the young women who swooned over Elvis and the Beatles. They are so intoxicated by his charm that they do not even bother to examine the details of this change that he is talking about.

Barack Obama is running on the same platform of socialist programs that have been the hallmark of the democrats for years. So what is this change he talks about?

Is his change going to include changing our national anthem to I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing? Is his change going to be removing the American flag from all governmental buildings because people of the world find it 'oppressive'? Is the change going to be his taking the oath of office on the Koran instead of the Bible? Or is his change going to be simply to be the first African-American elected as President?

But wait, that is not the case either. Barack Obama is half white, a fact he chooses not to embrace. He is part Arab, another part of his ancestry he does not openly embrace. Only a small portion of his heritage is true African, that on the side of his grandmother.

So what is Barack Obama? He is an illusion, created to woo us with his charm and his eloquence, when in reality he is a hollow man, totally lacking in the accomplishments we should be looking for in our next president.

I have been told that I should stop being so negative. I find that asking a bit much when I see the way that people refuse to examine the issues, and would rather vote based upon some warm fuzzy feeling they get about a person from a slick 30 second political advertisement. You have to remember, the devil must have been pretty smooth and charismatic to get Eve to take a bite from the forbidden fruit.

I will stop being so negative when I see that the American people have begun to think again, when they have begun to open their eyes and accept that they have been lied to, deceived, and most of all, defrauded of their liberties by those whom they entrusted to guard over them. That is when I will write sugary sweet commentaries about how wonderful America is. Until then....

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ExposingSecrets said...

"If me, being a C average high school graduate, can see through the lies and deceptions, and learn the truth of what is really happening in this country, why can't those with an education equal to, or higher than mine?"

I have found that those who are "educated" tend to lack common sense. You sir have what it takes to see through lies and to survive in a world based on lies, pure common sense. Another great post here, which hopefully will open some eyes of the sleeping sheep.