Friday, June 27, 2008

Rebuttal To Criticism Of My Article On Immigration

I think that thee may have been a few people who misunderstood the intent of my last article concerning immigration. I was asked how I can call them blood sucking parasites when it is my government that issues the green cards.

A parasite, according to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, is defined as, "1 : a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery 2 : an organism living in, with, or on another organism in parasitism 3 : something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return "

Imagine you took a pair of scales, like those used by jewelers to weigh precious metals, and you put all the benefits that illegal aliens bring to our country on one side, and then toss all the problems and burdens they place upon our country on the other, I think you would find that the bad far outweighs the benefits.

Therefore the third definition for parasite is an apt description of an illegal alien. They may benefit the corporations that hire them by providing laborers at a cost far less than what an American citizen might cost, but does that benefit Americans overall? They may reduce the cost of certain products and services for consumers, but at what cost to Americans?

What other country in the world would allow someone to cross their borders illegally, have a child, and have that child become a citizen, eligible for a plethora of benefits, all funded by the legal residents of that country?

In my article, I may have criticized naturalized immigrants because many of them are not required to learn English adequately to function in society, but there is one good thing about them. They all have to go through a physical exam to make sure they are not infected with a contagious disease. My wife went through a complete physical exam before she was granted a visa to enter this country. Her father, after we petitioned him, had to undergo a complete physical before he could come to this country. Who knows what kinds of diseased these people bring with them? Yet they are hired to work if facilities that handle and serve the foods we eat. Their children, who most likely are infected as well, attend our schools where our children can be infected and then bring that disease home to us, the parents. That our government allows illegal aliens to stay for this reason alone is absolute insanity!

When I speak about illegal aliens, most people automatically assume I am only referring to those who are Mexican, or at least, of Hispanic descent. To me, an illegal alien is an illegal alien. There are many illegal aliens in this country who have overstayed their visa and simply vanished into society an I am as much against their presence in this country as those who sneak across our borders. However, as I just said, those who enter this country on a visa should have been required to have a physical exam to make sure they are not sick with a contagious disease. Those who sneak across our borders sidestep that requirement, and most of those just happen to come across the Mexican border.

I do not like the idea of anyone suffering, not having a job or food to feed their families. However, as I stated in my last article, it IS NOT the job of the United States to be a safety net for all the poor countries in the world. It is not right to give benefits, that most Americans are not entitled to receive, to the illegal alien parents of a child who just happened to have been born on American soil. What makes it even more unfair is that these illegal aliens most likely never paid a dime into the benefits that they so willingly apply for.

One other thing, whenever we have a protest by those in favor of loosening our nations immigration laws, who do you see in the crowd, (beside misguided Americans with some sort of a guilt complex)? Hispanics mostly, that's who you will see. They are there, waving their countries flag, holding banners talking about La Reconquista, and La Raza. They are openly taunting us, with those banners that talk about re-conquering America, or the Race. They openly bite that hand that, literally, feeds them. They want the benefits that this country has to offer, but they do not have one ounce of respect for it.

Finally, the person who responded most negatively to my article said, “I would say that the issue is not outsider coming in, but you government not having a strong immigration policy and not having enough guts to implement them.” Sure our corporations hire these illegal aliens and our government has not done its job in enforcing our immigration laws. That does not mean I have to accept them, or even tolerate their insolence. We the people are also somewhat to blame for this, as we have very short memories and our attention shifts from one crisis to the next in the blink of an eye.

It was barely a year ago when a good percentage of the people of this country rose up in outrage over immigration reform legislation which was introduced in the U.S. Senate. Who just happened to have his name all over that piece of legislation? Why, none other than GOP candidate John McCain. Who voted Yea when that bill was voted on in the Senate? None other than Barack Obama.

Unfortunately now America has a housing crisis and high fuel costs to worry about. Even the war in Iraq has slipped a few notches when it comes to the issues that concern voters the most. Immigration is barely even thought of anymore, except by those who have not forgotten, and those who understand that the problem of illegal aliens is not going away.

The truth is that these illegal aliens do not belong in this country, it is not theirs and they are not entitled to one penny from America. We do not encourage our homeless and our indigent to sneak into Mexico, or any other country for that matter, and apply for benefits. We do not ask our citizens to move to another country and subvert their rule of law to benefit them, or America in general. Why should we tolerate the same from an illegal invader from ANY country?
They are parasites no matter whether our corporations bring them here to work for them, or they sneak across on their own. If you owned a dog that jumped into a creek full of leeches and came home covered in them, would you allow them to stay attached while draining the life away from your pet, or would you pluck them off and discard them? The same goes for illegal aliens. Whether they sneak across on their own, or if they are encouraged to come by corporations with no loyalty to the American people, they still are draining the life out of our country and they need to be removed.

***One last thing. I will not be writing anything tomorrow. It is my wife and my birthdays. She turns 44 and I turn 50. I intend to enjoy a nice day with my family.***

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tchoden said...

WOW! The possibility of two people sharing a birthday being together! Anyways a very Happy Happy Birthday to both of you:)

Well thanks for enlightening me more on the issue.
Recently a collegue of mine left for US. Apparently she got a green card though some lottery. Her bother has been working there for almost 10 years or so. I think both of them have gone though those legal processes. She has a comfortable job here and is a single parent to a 2 yr. old son (who now is with her aunt). Therefore it’s hard of me to comprehend why she left in the first place cause making more money is not the only thing is life.
I recently watch this movie called ‘Fast food nation’, its basically about illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico to work in some fast food companies in US, about how they suffer just to earn few dollars. Watchin the movie, I don’t see why anyone would want to work illegally (cause its not as easy as one perceives).

You mention “it IS NOT the job of the United States to be a safety net for all the poor countries in the world.”
What is US but the people living in it. As long as the rest of the world is doing fine on its own, I don’t see why they would want to leave their county in the first place. Of course its not the responsibility of US or any developed nation to extend that helping hand, it can chose not to. But once you are in that position to help, i think it does good to both sides.
Like i said before, i think your government should have strong immegration policies in place to resolve the issues.