Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's not only me....

I have written numerous times about how neither the democrats, nor the republicans, care one iota about your well being. I have talked about how they are both destroying the Constitutional foundation upon which our nation was built.

Some have listened, while others have turned a deaf ear to my words. Then there are those who are already aware of the damage being done to this country by the two headed snake that we call political choice. It is from one of those, one who still has the ability to see beyond the propaganda, the lies, and the corruption that is our government, that I would like for you to read.

Ponder these words, as I could not have said them any better myself...


"That symbiotic dance of always voting for the lesser of evils is what has gotten us mired in this quagmire and only a fool would think that voting the same/opposite way each cycle will bring anything different. The two parties feed off each other's "hatred" for the other. Too many of the voting population are fixated on the two heads of the beast, so to speak, and have lost the ability to think for themselves in any third tangent. Though there is little constructive difference between democrats and republicans, they project the illusion that they are diametrically opposed to each other. Consequently the voters vacillate between the two parties each cycle, thinking collectively that the party currently out of power will fix everything. Back and forth we go, meanwhile sliding ever further into the abyss of extra-Constitutional government. I refuse to be part of that self delusion."

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