Saturday, September 29, 2007

RE: Let's Try This Again

In regards to my article "Let's Try This Again", I got the following e mail from Lynn Stuter. I found it to quite informative, so I am sharing it with the few people who do happen to stop by this blog from time to time.


Do you know how the feds circumvent the 10th Amendment? They do so through discretionary grants, the Request for Proposals for such grants laying down all the federal laws the states must be in compliance with in order for the states to get discretionary grant money. A friend of mine, some years ago, contacted the federal government and requested a listing of all the discretionary grants received by our state in one year. About a week later she received a box. When she opened the box, she saw a stack of continuous feed paper, several inches thick, continuous listings on each page, of all the federal discretionary grants received by our state in one year. She was astonished. This happened about the time that she and I were trying to figure out how Goals 2000, School to Work and HR 6 were mandatory when each law claimed “voluntary” compliance. What we discovered is that in order to get the grant money, the state had to be in compliance with all the laws listed in the request for proposals and when signing the grant application, they were certifying state compliance with all those laws. Taking a stack of paper, continuous feed, multiple listings on each page, and running down all the laws the state had to be in compliance with in order to get the money, you quickly establish a spider-web effect in which the state is ensnared.


The Zombieslayer said...

In more simple words, blackmail.

neal said...

That is exactly what I told the woman who sent me that e mail.

of the people said...

Dear Mr. Ross,

You are correct but I would go further. Where in the Constitution is Congress given any authority within the states to regulate the exercise of our rights. In fact, its jurisdiction is clearly specified with no mention of any authority over the people who are actually "the states".

What our people do not know, except for a few of us, is that freedom/private/liberty means "not under control of government or, in another way of stating it, free to exercise our rights as human beings so long as we do not intentionally interfere with another's unalienable, inherent rights." None of us has the authority to regulate others so we did not have the authority to grant such to government.

That is, as you know, the real America, not the Ameri-Ka that has been created by corrupt government and dummying down of our people.

neal said...

of the people...

I agree. This country, except for a few, has been dumbed down and brainwashed into believing that our government is our master and they have complete authority to rule our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth, unless of course things continue on their current path.