Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Letter to the Editor

The following letter was in my local paper today. I am not including the authors name but I looked him up in the phone book and got his permission to send this out and post it on my blog. He even told me he considered sending it to Bush himself, but that Bush would never see it and why waste a stamp. He also told me that he hoped I realized it was pure sarcasm.

News reporters and business owners of small and larger companies have expressed a need for "undocumented" (illegal) workers.

Some say they cannot stay competitive without them. I suspect there is some truth there.

But what about the flip side? Are we then paying too much for other services? Mexico has qualified engineers, attorney, designers, councilmen and skilled craftsmen just as we do. Why not have these folks also set up shop here, and all of our wallets will thicken.

Professional people should be just as welcome and appreciated as the laborers. Some might say "This can't happen, you must be a citizen. You must have university degrees, certification, board approval and permits, etc." Well our immigration requirements seem to a be a little loose right now. There are "sanctuary cities" where citizenship requirements are ignored, and I hear some illegals can vote in city/county elections. Has the trend started?

Just think of it. If all our doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, contractors, politicians, well, everyone that provides a service were illegals, our bank accounts would increase tremendously.

Perhaps the greatest gain would be realized by applying this concept to state and federal governments. If congresspersons, attorneys general, even our president, had to compete with and/or be replaced with illegals, the savings would be stupefying.

I think its worth trying. Write or call your mayor, local council people, governor and the U.S. Congress and demand equal treatment in employment opportunities throughout the United States at all levels.

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