Monday, February 04, 2008

And People Wonder Why I Sound Angry

I am often told that I come across as sounding angry in my writings, that I would probably catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. That saying might be true if I were trying to catch flies, but I am not, I am trying to educate people about the state of affairs in this country and they just don't seem to want to listen.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and among those states holding primaries is my home state of California. You would think that people would converse amongst each other about who they were voting for, and the issues that face our nation. I did not hear one conversation about the election tomorrow, but I did hear many conversations regarding the Super Bowl yesterday. I heard people talk about the outcome of the game, how much beer they drank, and I even heard discussions about which of the idiotic advertisements were their favorites. Not one conversation about the primary. I wonder how many of them will actually even show up to cast their vote? Yet people have to audacity to say I shouldn't be upset!

At least the local paper had front page coverage concerning the primary. Unfortunately what I saw only left me feeling like there is very little hope that people have the slightest understanding of what problems this country faces.
The paper had sent a reporter to interview visitors to the local shopping mall concerning who they intended to vote for, and why. Here are some of the responses they got.

"I voted for Clinton because of her known track record. If all things are equal (among candidates), I'd definitely go for the woman."

Another Clinton supporter stated, "I like her foreign policy and the way she talks about change-her policies on health care and the Iraq war."

Then there was this fellow who said he was going to vote for Romney because "I like his business background-his experience running things and...that some of it happened outside government. He seems honest."

Then there were these two who planned on voting for Barack Obama.
"I feel he's been appointed for a time like this. I believe that, considering the fights of the civil rights era, he can bring that cause through."

"I think it would be a bold statement to have the first black president of the U.S...And he's a Democrat and he doesn't support the war in Iraq"

I found it surprising that no one said they would be voting for John McCain considering the fact that according to statewide polls he holds an 8 point lead over Mitt Romney.

The fact of the matter is that not one of these people understand the problems this country faces. I am so sick of people saying they are supporting Clinton or Obama because they represent change. What change? The programs they are campaigning on are taken straight from the Democratic platform, where is the change in that?

Then there was the guy who said Romney 'seems' honest. People thought George Bush was honest, twice, and look what that got us.

Then for the woman who said she feels Obama was appointed for a time like this and he can bring the cause of the civil rights movement through. Or the guy who says it would be a bold statement to have a black president, and he is a democrat on top of that. I would much rather support Bill Cosby than I would Barack Obama. At least Cosby understands the problems facing the African American communities.

Still, people wonder why I sound angry. Not one of these people mentioned anything about the outsourcing of our jobs to China, Pakistan and India. Not one of these people mentioned the cost to us in the steady influx of illegal aliens into our country. Not one of these people mentioned the loss of liberties to numerous unconstitutional laws passed under the guise of fighting a war on terror. Not one of these people are aware of the continued push for a North American Union. Not one of these people how the Federal Reserve Bank just keeps flooding our country with worthless currency causing massive inflation. Not one of these people is aware that our military is not only fighting a war in Iraq, but that we have soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen stationed at over 700 bases in 130 countries. We have a foreign policy of interference in the affairs of damn near every country on the planet and they wonder why the world hates us.

Yet when people like me try to speak the truth we are told we sound mad, we are laughed at and called conspiracy nuts. When we support a candidate like Ron Paul who is the only one who is willing to address the root causes of all our nations ills, we are shunned and ridiculed. And people ask why I sound angry.

I have been told that I need to use a kinder gentler approach in getting my point across. I have been told I should try to use the marketing techniques that are used to sell any other commodity, that I should show people in language they understand how they are getting screwed by those whom they elect to represent them.

I have, we have. Those of us who are in this fight to save our nation from itself and the monied elites who would see our sovereignty and our individual liberties stripped away have given more than enough facts to prove our point. People don't want to listen, they are too hypnotized by the mindless programming on their televisions to take the time to see if there is any truth to what we are saying.

And they ask why I sound angry. I have told the truth about the facts, the dangers this country faces. You’ve heard the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Folks, there is an ocean of information out there waiting for you to drink from and become informed, but you choose to remain ignorant, or worse apathetic. So I will continue sounding angry, angry at Americans for letting the country I love go to hell in a hand basket. I will stay angry at them for voting for the same worthless political cronies who are merely puppets to the special interests who sit behind the scenes and pull their strings. However, when this country finally does come crashing down and you finally realize that you are not free, that you are slaves to an ungrateful master, don’t ask why, because you have been warned.

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