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During the course of my writing I have had both positive and negative comments on my articles. I am willing to listen to both as long as the criticism is tactful. One of the people with whom I have had numerous disagreements is a fellow who goes by the name Doc. He runs a webpage that can be found at

I received an e mail from him this evening. It was sent from the following e mail address, The e mail is attached to this post below. I wish to state clearly and emphatically that I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE!. Someone, for some reason is trying to either put words into my mouth or set me up for plagiarism.

I sent Doc an e mail explaining this, but I am posting the entire e mail here on my blog in case others may have received the same from me and think that I did in fact write that article. There are ways that I write my articles that do not fit this particular article, besides, it just doesn't sound like the way I write.

So here is the e mail, and I repeat, I did not write this and I DO NOT CLAIM CREDIT FOR IT!


I know you and I had some disagreements over some points, although I can't recall what they were, but I'm willing to forget about them since it's clear you are a Ron Paul supporter.
The only comment I have on the below is that "hispanic" is not a race.
I was born in the late 50's in Miami Florida and have had my fill of hispanics.
They insist on being thought of as "white" (except for the Negros among their ranks.)
It would be difficult to "racially profile" white people since, as you are I'm sure, quite aware, "white" is not a race.


Comments: On Ron Paul's
Interrogation by T. Russert
Sunday on Meet The Press

By Neal Ross

23 December 2007

How anyone listening wasn't instantly converted
into being a Ron Paul fan, had to be a MORON.

When Arizona passed a law stating that anyone hiring an illegal would lose their business license, the protests took it all the way up through two courts, including a federal appeals court. Both courts upheld the law! In other words, the Tenth Amendment still stands, and Arizona, including Sheriff Joe, want no parts of the illegals. Scottsdale, after having one of their cops shot and killed by an illegal, is checking credentials of all police stops, and insist it is not racial profiling, which it isn't. After all, if someone is stopped for a violation, can't speak English, has no insurance or driver's license, and is Hispanic, is it racial profiling to assume they're illegal? On NPR this morning (Monday) a news blurb said that illegals by the thousands were packing up and leaving Arizona, for other states or back to Mexico. Well isn't that grand! Maybe they won't take back America after all, if other states decided to put them to the test, and especially CALIFORNIA.

In Arizona, businessmen, and naturally the ACLU protested the law because they couldn't get cheap labor to compete with whites and blacks who have benefits, insurance, and taxes deducted. Well isn't that too bad now! Since the ACLU stands for the AMERICAN Civil Liberties union, why do they make it the MEXICAN or ILLEGAL Civil Liberties Union? Did anyone ever ask them that poignant question? It seems to me that Americans' civil liberties are being threatened by illegals violating laws, and getting free schools, citizenship for their lids, medical care, and Social Security.

Did you see Ron Paul on "Meet The Press" Sunday? What a triumph! Tim Russert brought up all the quotes from 20 years ago when Ron was running as a Libertarian, and he answered them all explicitly and logically. Anyone watching that show who wasn't instantly converted into a Ron Paul fan is a moron. Russert tried every trick in the book to trap Ron, and it failed miserably. Ron Paul stood his ground perfectly. I wonder if the polls showing him to be 6% are fixed like every other statistic?

Iowa and Colorado both have the "caucus" type of primary, which is so utterly stupid as to defy description. So silly, that I seriously doubt that any results of a caucus state can mean a hill of beans. I quit the Republican inner sanctum when I was considered a traitor by urging the abolition of the caucus system and going to a logical primary system. I'm still a registered Republican, but I honestly don't know why. At any rate, open half day today, and I am out of here at noon. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Neal Ross

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